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Self-drive rental terms and conditions.

Company Exotic-cars Ukraine offers VIP cars for rental self-drive or limousine service (with a driver). Cars that we offer are expensive and unique. It means that we have our certain requirements to the customer, who wants to rent sport car, cabriolet or other vehicle for the self-drive. If you do not comply with our requirements for the self-drive, you can rent a car with a driver and compliance with the requirements below will not be necessary:

Rental taker:

Age – 25 years
Driving experience – 5 years


Driving License
Tax number

Security deposit:

Depends on the cost of the car
from 1000 to 5000$

Daily run:

Sport Cars and Cabriolets – 150 km
Sedan and SUV`s – 250 km
(overrun is covered additionally)


Trips abroad:
Possible upon previous agreement.

If you meet all these requirements, send us your request for car rental and we will contact you in the earliest possible time to discuss all the details, sign contract and pick-up car.