Frequently asked questions of car rental

In this section, we will try to answer the most common questions that customers ask when renting a car. Let us remind you that we have a specific rental with a focus on sports and exotic cars. Our site has the largest selection of convertibles and other exclusive cars in Kyiv and Ukraine.

What cars can I rent?

All the cars presented on our website can be rented, but most of all the specifics of our rental are sports cars and convertibles. These cars give unforgettable impressions and emotions. This year we will close all questions about American cars, and next year we will get to Italy.

Why should you contact us?

Your own fleet and all cars are available in one place, you can come and choose a car on the spot. All cars are in excellent condition. Cars are insured under the CASCO program. The largest selection of convertibles and sports cars in Ukraine. Delivery of sports cars anywhere in the country. 24/7 customer support.

How to rent a car?

Exotic car rental in Kyiv is very easy. To rent a car in our company you need:
1. Passport,
2. Driver's license,
3. Deposit amount,
4. Desire.
Then everything is very simple: you decide on the car that you liked, for example, the Jaguar F-Type convertible. Call the number 0966200200. Specify on which dates you need a car. You drop documents to Viber, mail, etc. We confirm the issue of the car and you can pick up the car from our office or indicate the address where to deliver the car. At the rally, we sign an agreement, you pay for services and make a deposit. At the end of the car rental period, we will refund the deposit if you have not damaged the car.

How much is it?

The rental price is indicated under each car on the plate. Car rental is scheduled from 1 to 30 days. The price varies accordingly with the number of days. So for example, if you book a Ford Mustang convertible for 1 day it costs $ 250, if for 11 days then the price per day is $ 150, and if more than a month the price is $ 95 per day. There is also a sign on the deposit that must be paid for the car.

Frequently asked questions of car rental - rent a convertible, sports car, exotic cars in Kiev and all over Ukraine at competitive prices ☎ 096 6 200 200 ✔.