Frequently asked questions

Daily run of the rented car?

Daily run:
SPORT – 150 km. Every extra km is additionally paid.
SEDAN – 300 km. Every extra km is additionally paid.
SUV – 300 km. Every extra km is additionally paid.

Are your cars insured?

All cars we offer for rent have two insurance policies:
CASCO – comprehensive insurance of the car against traffic accidents and other events.
Civil liability – civil liability towards third parties.
Note: franchising for CASCO is 5% of car cost.

Is it possible to rent a car without a driver in other place other than Kyiv?

Our cars can be rented in any part of Ukraine and not only. For example, if you want to rent a car in Odesa it will cost 550$ to take the car there. Generally, the price of taking the car to the place you want costs 1.1 $/km.

Can somebody else drive the car other than car rent holder?

Another driver can drive, but our company’s approval is needed first, the second driver should be included into the contract of car rent and should comply with all the requirements of the lessor.

Charges for speed infringements (shall be deducted from the deposit):
Speeding (limit exceeding by 50 km) – charge 100$;
Speeding (limit exceeding by 70 km) – charge 200$;
Speeding (limit exceeding by 90 km) – charge 300$;
Speeding (limit exceeding by 110 km) – charge 500$;
Speeding (limit exceeding by 120 km) – charge 1000$;
Speeding (limit exceeding by 150 km) – charge 2000$;

Charges for driving drunk:
If police officers caught you driving drunk the deposit is NOT GIVEN BACK. (But we have good news, if you feel like having a drink use our absolutely FREE service Sober Driver once a week or more often for extra charge, but, please, conserve your health).