Car rental conditions

In Exotic Cars Ukraine, you can rent VIP class cars and sports cars, both with a driver and without a driver. Car reservation is carried out: by phone +380966200200, or you can leave a request on our website. When booking a car, you must indicate: the lease period, attach the lessee's documents, indicate the place of issue of the car, and other wishes and at the end the contact details for which our manager will contact you and clarify all the nuances. The cars presented in our fleet are expensive and unique. Therefore, we have several requirements for a client who wants to rent a sports car, convertible, or another car without a driver. In case of non-compliance with the conditions for renting a car without a driver, you can rent a car with a driver, or a car for a test drive with an instructor.


Age - from 23 years;
Driving experience - from 3 years.

Age and length of service may be less than stated (age 21 and experience 2 years), provided that a double deposit is made on the car. The deposit is returned immediately after the car is returned in good condition. Also, if your age and experience are less than specified in the requirements, then you can rent a car for a test drive with our instructor hourly.


A valid driver's license, passport, ITN

Security deposit:

Depends on the cost of the car from 1000 to 5000 $.

The security deposit for the car is calculated as 5% of the value of the car. Why exactly 5%? Since all our cars are insured under CASCO (full insurance) and our deductible under the insurance contract is 5%. Therefore, the amount that is withheld upon the occurrence of an insured event is 5%. In case of an accident, this amount is borne by the tenant. Damage equal to less than 5% is reimbursed from the deposit. Those. minor scratches, dent, glass, headlights are reimbursed from the security deposit. Larger damages are covered by insurance. Damage to the interior, soft roof on convertibles are also reimbursed from the deposit.

Daily mileage:

Sports cars and convertibles - 200 km
Sedans and jeeps - 300 km

Extra mileage is paid additionally. The excess mileage is calculated as follows: the rental amount is divided by km. In general, if renting a Ford Mustang for a day costs $ 150, then the extra mileage is calculated as $ 150/200 km = $ 0.75 km. And you need to pay an extra $ 0.75 per km. The client pays for gasoline, parking, fines for traffic violations on his own. In case of a malicious violation of traffic rules, the company has the right to terminate the contract early. It is forbidden to drive while intoxicated !!! Free one-time use of the sober driver service. Our employee will come, pick up the car and deliver it to the address.


Departure outside the country is possible by prior agreement

We remind you that we specialize in sports car and convertible rental in Kyiv and Ukraine. All presented sports cars, we deliver to any point in Ukraine. Car delivery is calculated as $ 1 km.
A huge request to our customers to comply with the traffic rules. Treat rented cars with care. In return, we promise our regular customers to make obscenely large discounts on convertible and sports car rental.
All our vehicles are in excellent technical condition. The car park is constantly updated. In April 2021 we will have Dodge Challenger 6.4 and 3.6, 2020, Ford Mustang 2019.
If the above conditions suit you, you can safely leave a request for a car rental without a driver and our staff will contact you as soon as possible for further dialogue, signing an agreement, and issuing a car.

Terms of car rental, cabriolet rental in Kiev, sports car and exotic car rental in Ukraine at competitive prices ☎ 096 6 200 200 ✔.