Rent cabriolet Mercedes SL 500

Rental period
1 hour
50 $ per hour

Description and specifications cabriolet Mercedes SL 500

Looking to RENT AN EXCLUSIVE CAR IN Kyiv? Here you can ORDER MERCEDES SL500 - the perfect combination of a representative and sports car. The German concern has improved the appearance of the car, giving its silhouette purposefulness and swiftness. The diamond-shaped radiator grille, the sleek LED headlights, the evocative front bumper - the design is truly impressive. Behind it are innovative on-board technologies, excellent acceleration dynamics and refined handling. This legendary luxury car is thought out down to the last detail. The highest level of comfort will satisfy the most demanding passenger. The luxurious interior is decorated with genuine leather and expensive woods. The ergonomic seats have a huge number of adjustments that allow them to adjust to any back. Mercedes SL500 accelerates almost instantly, it gains 100 km per hour in just 5.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 260 km / h. 388 hp engine provides high performance auto. The transmission is automatic, eight-speed. The model features a slightly sweeping ride, which makes it easy to cope even with uneven roads. Moreover, the movement is very smooth, without jerks, which is not typical for most sports cars. One of the most pleasant features of the model is the magnificent interior design, sustained in a classic style: hand-crafted leather trim, graceful metal accents on the dashboard, flowing lines. Combined with the extremely comfortable, snug fit, the Mercedes SL500 is an excellent choice for anyone who values comfort, speed and style. Here you will be able to RENT THIS VIP-CLASS CAR for both hourly and daily rental. Do you want to relax and entrust the management to a professional? The Exotic-Cars Car Rental in Ukraine will provide the services of an experienced driver. If you are looking for the invaluable experience of driving a Mercedes SL500, you can rent a car to travel on your own.

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