SUV Ford F150 Raptor

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Rental period
1 day
450 $ per day
2-3 days
400 $ per day
4-10 days
350 $ per day
11-20 days
300 $ per day
21-30 days
250 $ per day
30+ days
200 $ per day
3000 $

Description and specifications SUV Ford F150 Raptor

Ford F150 Raptor

Renting a premium pickup truck Ford F150 Raptor in Kiev is a reality, not a dream!!! Raptor has legends made about it and is certainly an exclusive and rare car in Ukraine. Our company provides an opportunity for everyone to try this pickup truck. The Ford F150 Raptor pickup is a catalyst for emotion. It handles excellently, both on the track and off-road, although in tight traffic jams of a metropolis it delivers a little discomfort due to its impressive size, but this is compensated by the great attention of others. Because demand is so high and our company received many requests for this car from customers, so we decided to add it to our fleet. Now it is not necessary to buy this car, you can rent it for daily rent without a driver in Kiev. This car costs over $100,000 – how about this price tag for a pickup truck, which rivals in price a premium Mercedes GLS? For sure there are many people who dream of trying this monster, but not everyone can afford to buy it.

In our fleet Ford F150 Raptor Performance, made year 2017, black, in a black interior. Engine capacity 3.5 turbo, power 450 hp, four-wheel drive, reinforced chassis, panorama, sunroof, various locks, separate climate control, ventilation of all the seats, blind spot sensors, navigation, reverse camera and much more. As for the technical part: front independent suspension on FOX shock absorbers, rear with a rigid axle on FOX shock absorbers. The suspension behaves comfortably in all conditions and on all surfaces. The Ford F-150 Raptor has seven suspension modes that automatically adapt to the surface and driving style. 10-speed enhanced automatic transmission, very clear and fast shifting. Fuel consumption for such a huge pickup truck is very efficient and does not exceed 17 liters in the city cycle. This car enjoys special attention and respect on the road, other drivers will yield you in any direction very quickly. As old saying goes, it is better to try it once than to hear about it many times. Rent a pickup truck Ford f-150 Raptor in Kiev. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying this car. Perhaps it will impress you enough to purchase one, or, perhaps, will simply satisfy your interest in this car. But in any case - you will remember this car !!! And believe us, taking advantage of the F-150 Raptor rental in Kiev, you will get emotions to remember for a lifetime.

F150 Raptor
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10-speed automatic
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