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Description and specifications SUV Tesla Model X100D

Tesla Model X for rent

Tesla undeniably is a leader in electric vehicles. The company name has become synonymous with future technologies. Since the release of its very first model - the Tesla Roadster - in 2008, it has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible and bringing new innovative models to the market ever since.

One of these is the luxurious Tesla Model X crossover. Like the famous Model S, this car is equipped with a powerful electric motor (top-end versions have over 500 horsepowers) and a very capacious battery (similarly, the top-end versions have a 100-kilowatt-hour block). In the most advanced versions, "X" accelerates to "hundred" in three and a half seconds (and this with a weight of more than 2 tons!) Range - mind-blowing 600 km on a single charge.

Surprisingly, speed was not a top priority for Tesla engineers when designing this car. They focused on the versatility and efficiency of the car as a representative of the SUV class. With an all-wheel drive system powered by two electric motors (one per axis), the Tesla Model X makes it easier to navigate even in the most challenging road and terrain conditions. In addition, this is an unusually roomy car - it offers up to 3 rows of seats and as many as two luggage racks (front and rear).

Tesla Model X is truly an epitome of SUV practicality: fashionable crossover design and sports car performance.

VIP car rental has never been so exciting as with Tesla Model X! Get behind the wheel of an electric crossover and experience what it feels like to drive in the future today!

Tesla Model X rental - what are its advantages

Performance. The standard all-wheel drive system and two electric motors deliver enormous power to the front and rear wheels. And with instantly available torque, it is capable of overtaking even with a full load of 7 people and a fully loaded trunk.

Control. The Tesla X has a much lower centre of gravity than any other fuel-powered crossover, which gives it good road-holding performance. The suspension works in such a way that it independently chooses the rigidity or softness of the ride, depending on the road surface.

Comfort and design. The Tesla Model X can comfortably accommodate up to 7 people. Its upward-swinging rear passenger doors called the Falcon Wings, provide easier access to the 2nd and 3rd row of rear seats. They also greatly facilitate the parking process, since they allow you to "squeeze" in the most difficult to park and narrow places.

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