Dodge Challenger Rental in Kyiv — classics of the American car industry on Ukrainian roads

Dodge Challenger Rental in Kyiv — classics of the American car industry on Ukrainian roads

You have to rent a Dodge in Kiev with Exotic Cars Ukraine to understand why Americans love these powerful cars that revive the love of driving huge but maneuverable cars. Dodge is an iconic brand from the United States, combining a classic and even vintage look with the most modern technology. These cars are suitable for both a business trip and a date and just a pleasure to touch the legend and take a few pictures in its background.

Dodge rental in Kiev

Dodge was founded at the beginning of the last century. Along with Ford, she is a pioneer in the American auto industry. Today, it is better known as a muscle car manufacturer. The brand began with the supply of spare parts, gradually moving to the design and production of cars for the domestic American market. And if their main competitor was aimed at "world domination", then Dodge remained true to the American dream, becoming its automobile embodiment.

The Dodge brand is known for developing both small and medium-sized pickup trucks, and in recent years it has made excellent off-road vehicles (SUVs) - high-performance cars with V8 engines and impressive acceleration characteristics. One of them is Dodge Durango, which you can rent from Exotic Cars Ukraine. This impressive car will not leave you indifferent, because behind its brutal appearance lies comfort and ease of control, excellent maneuvering even in heavy metropolitan traffic. Dodge complements its iconic cars with powerful engines and a sophisticated modern interior. In addition to the highest performance and speed, the manufacturer invests heavily in safety, integrating the latest systems for a smooth, comfortable and above all safe ride.

With Exotic Cars Ukraine you can rent a Dodge in Kiev for independent trips or rent a car with a professional driver. Very soon we will add another Dodge with a 6.4 liter engine to our fleet! Follow our news announcements.

Are you already 25 and have been driving for more than five years? Then, to rent a Dodge, you only need a passport, driving license, TIN and deposit. To order a brutal American car in the capital, call +38 096 6 200 200 or write +1 971 221 10 95 (Viber).

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Last updated on Jan 30, 2021