Convertible Myths

Convertible Myths - Rent convertible in Kiev, rent sports car in Kiev

Luxury cars with a movable roof always attract attention on the road. However, Ukrainians are not particularly keen to purchase such a car for personal use, and even take cabriolets in Kiev less often than other executive cars. The reason for this attitude is not at all the shortcomings of open-top models, but prejudices that have no real basis. What myths haunt these stylish cars?

Wind, dust and noise

When planning to buy or rent a convertible, drivers are often afraid that wind and flying dust will prevent them from enjoying the ride, and they will not be attracted to the traffic jam and inhaling exhaust fumes in an open-top car. In modern models, manufacturers have taken care of both the driver and passengers. The windshield is a barrier to the headwind, and special screens behind the seats prevent the formation of vortices, protecting people in the second row. With a very strong crosswind and when standing in a traffic jam, the roof will have to be lowered. But in any passenger car you have to close the windows if an old truck is smoking nearby.

It is cold in the autumn-winter period

Folding tents are made of durable, multi-layer material with low thermal conductivity. They retain heat in the cabin and reliably protect it from snow and rain, which can be easily seen by renting a convertible in Kiev in the cold season.

Expensive to operate

The vast majority of convertibles are made on the basis of related models of sedans and coupes, have similar parameters and components with them. MOT of such cars is comparable in value to MOT with a closed top. The main differences are in the details of the stern, trunk lid and optics. Expensive repairs can only be caused by the roof mechanism, but it has a high resource.

Low Security

Modern foreign cars with a movable top are not inferior in strength to conventional cars, as evidenced by hundreds of crash tests for frontal, rear and side impact. When capsizing, passengers are at risk of serious personal injury if they are not wearing seat belts. For protection, there are rigid struts and cross beams, a reinforced windshield frame, firing safety arcs.

The best way to dispel prejudice is to ride yourself. Exotic Cars Ukraine offers luxury cars with a high level of safety. To rent convertibles in Kiev, call +38 096 6 200 200 or write +1 971 221 10 95 (Viber).

Created on May 24, 2020 in News
Last updated on Sep 29, 2020