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Description and specifications sedan Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 for rent

Tesla is an American manufacturer and a pioneer in electric vehicle (EV) transportation technology. Nowadays Tesla is a very desirable and cool car to drive. Should you also like to experience one, there is no need to run to a car dealership because we offer you an opportunity to rent one!

The Tesla Model 3 is the newest sedan in the automaker's lineup. By and large, it is the successor to the iconic Tesla Model S, the first mass-market vehicle in the luxury electric car market, absorbing the best of electric vehicle engineering. Model 3 is positioned as a budget car, but this does not mean that it is in any way inferior in performance.

Those who choose to hire Tesla Model 3 from our company will be delighted to know that we offer one of the most powerful versions of this Model 3 - Dual Motor. This version is equipped with two motors, giving out combined 350 horsepowers. With the instant torque generated by the electric motors, the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds!

While such a whirlwind dynamic requires maximum concentration while driving, you still have time to familiarize yourself with the unusual interior decoration of the car. The Tesla Model 3's interior is impressively minimalistic. With the exception of two scroll wheels on the steering wheel, the front panel is completely devoid of any other useless buttons. Everything driver needs are in the central element of the cabin - a massive screen - that controls most of the car's functions and displays all the necessary information. Moreover, it also acts as a car dashboard!

Electric car rental is a rather specific but very interesting and exciting experience. Rent a Tesla Model 3 from our company and hit the roads with zero emissions!

Why rent a Tesla Model 3

Performance. Despite the fact that this is a "budget" sedan, it boldly claims the title of a sports car - due to powerful and high-torque motors and a low centre of gravity provided by battery packs located in the floor.

Eco-consciousness. Model 3 is much faster and clearer than its gasoline and diesel counterparts, but at the same time emits 0% harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Control. The electric car has a very lightweight suspension that works in unison with intelligent power electronics. This tandem provides maximum control over the vehicle.

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