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BMW i8 for rent

The BMW i8 is a phenomenal car that differs markedly from most other supercars. A futuristic design that has no analogues, a luxurious interior in the spirit of "spaceship" and the wide speed capabilities that are provided by hybrid technology, make this machine special. Renting a BMW i8 sports car is an opportunity to look into the future right now.

Interestingly, after the BMW i8 went to the assembly line in 2014, the manufacturer was almost immediately forced to increase its production volumes - the car turned out to be very popular. Moreover, even now it remains in demand, and automotive testers and critics give the BMW i8 to this day give it the most positive ratings.

From the outside, the BMW i8 looks exceptional. The squat body, flowing lines and sharp "nose" make this car, on the one hand, a classic modern sports car, and on the other - a vision of what luxury cars will be in the future. An important role in the latter is played by vertically opening doors (the so-called butterfly wings) - this highlight perfectly complements the overall design and makes every exit from the car very effective.

Inside the BMW i8 there is a corporate, classic interior for which the Bavarian brand is famous: high-quality bucket seats upholstered in genuine leather, comfortable and understandable controls, and eye-pleasing styling. In it, the driver and passenger will have a trip that will be filled with both relaxation and pleasant excitement.

Another highlight of the BMW i8 is its hybrid technology. The sports car is equipped with a three-cylinder turbo engine and an electric motor (+ a small lithium-ion battery), which allow it to accelerate to "hundred" in just 4.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 250 km / h, but with all its appearance the car says that it is capable of much more (and this is true - if not for the electronic limiter ...). A hybrid powerplant means that the driver has a choice of driving style according to his or her needs - whether it's speed and power, or sustainability and comfort. No matter the circumstances, this innovative supercar adapts every time to deliver an unforgettable journey. Renting a BMW i8 sports car is an opportunity to make passers-by turn their heads, surprise passengers and enjoy an exciting ride at the same time.

Why renting a BMW i8 is cool:

Unique design of the car - futuristic and "supercar", but at the same time - in the spirit of other BMWs;

It is ideal for any terrain - in the city, on the highway and even in mountainous areas (thanks to the electric motor for excellent traction);

A high level of comfort and a lot of space (it can comfortably accommodate four adults, plus there is plenty of room for luggage - the boot volume is an impressive 153 liters).

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