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Description and specifications sport car Dodge Challenger

Renting a Dodge Challenger in Ukraine is an opportunity to get a feel of what is to be in America and experience what a real American car is. It is the Challenger that makes it clear what a real American sports car is. Renting a Dodge Challenger allows you to take a fresh look at Kiev and understand from personal experience why this muscle car is so loved in the USA and beyond.

Dodge Challenger can be used not only as a sports car. It is also a very practical vehicle - the Challenger is virtually a sports ‘yacht’ that can accommodate even five passengers. But, of course, above all, this car is designed for the driver who can fully experience the pleasure of driving, regardless of his driving style. On the Challenger, you can count kilometers smoothly passing on the highway in a comfort or grind the tire rubber from the start - in any case, it will give you maximum drive and comfort. It would seem that such characteristics are incongruous, but not in the case of Challenger. In addition to the spacious interior, the Dodge has an incredibly large trunk - a record in the class.

Therefore, you can rent a Dodge Challenger for any occasion: whether it is a romantic trip for two in Kiev at night, a four-person trip to the Carpathians, or just a desire to take it for business with a breeze (or a transfer to Borispol and back).

The Dodge Challenger has one of the most recognizable looks. Already its design suggests that it is a large and heavy vehicle that menacingly declares its presence on the road. The exterior of the modern Challenger is a combination of the massive and formidable forms of the original muscle car of the 1970s and modern design solutions used in cars of the GT class (tourist coupes).

Exotic Cars offers to rent the Dodge Challenger in a version equipped with one of the most powerful engines - a 6.4-liter V8 with 485 horsepower. The motor is paired with a 5-speed automatic (for those who do not like mechanics), the traction is transferred to the rear axle – giving a unique feeling both when driving in a straight line and in bends. The dynamics of the muscle car Dodge Challenger will surprise even the sophisticated drivers - the mark of 100 km/h Dodge Challenger 6.4 with 485 hp. reaches in less than 5 seconds.

In addition to above features, Challenger amazes with its intimidating appearance. Exotic Cars offers a vehicle in white colour that is multifunctional and suitable for any event, be it a birthday, a wedding or just a festive occasion, which with the Challenger is every day of the week. The Dodge Challenger is a fast and surprisingly comfortable vehicle that also delivers an amazingly smooth ride. And it is also safe, which is also important: American experts rate the safety of this car (for the driver, passengers and others) at 8.3 out of 10.

You can rent a muscle car with Exotic Cars with or without a driver. At the same time, sports car rental is available hourly, daily and for a longer period of time. The rental price depends on the rental period, but in any case, the company is always open to its customers, and therefore offers flexible conditions at affordable prices.

For more information, you can contact us by phone or visit the Exotic Cars showroom, which is located in Kiev at 22, Ring Road.

Why rent a Dodge Challenger?

• Powerful engine with incomparably luscious exhaust

• Unique design

• Spacious salon

• Comfort and dynamics

• Huge trunk for the class

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