sport car Ford Mustang Re Style

Rent sport car Ford Mustang Re Style

Rental period
1 day
230 $ per day
2-3 days
210 $ per day
4-10 days
195 $ per day
11-20 days
170 $ per day
21-30 days
150 $ per day
30+ days
140 $ per day
1500 $

Description and specifications sport car Ford Mustang Re Style

Ford Mustang rental in Kyiv

This year we have added a new 6th generation Ford Mustang coupe and convertibles to our car park. Cars manufactured in 2018-2020. An American legend, a cult sports car deserves your attention not only with its expressive appearance but also with a powerful turbocharged engine developing 317 hp. The first hundred kilometers in 5.5 seconds is left behind. The car turned out to be quite playful and, in turn, comfortable compared to other classmates. This car is 100% recognizable on the street, and even a 5-year-old child will not confuse this car with any other. Everyone wants to try what kind of Ford Mustang it is, but some do not have enough finances, some do not see the feasibility of buying such a car. Our company offers to rent a Ford Mustang in Kyiv. You can rent a Ford Mustang daily, make a gift to your loved one and buy a certificate from us for a couple of days of car rental, you can order a test drive with an instructor for several hours, all this for reasonable money and you do not need to spend money on buying such a car. After driving for several days, you will either fall in love with this car or be disappointed. But we know for sure that getting to know the Ford Mustang will not be in vain. Emotions from this car will be received for sure. We have a lot of interesting cars in our company and then we are sure that you will try all the other cars in our fleet one by one. Choose your favorite car and if you want, you will buy it, if not, we are always glad to see you as our guest and will gladly offer a cool sports car with big discounts for regular customers. It is very easy to rent a Ford Mustang in Kyiv. If you are 23 years old and have more than 3 years of experience, fill out an application on this website and our manager will contact you within 15 minutes, clarify all the nuances of the car, answer all your questions and book a car for a specific date. Write or call, we will be glad to see you among our clients

Mustang Re Style
body type
sport car
engine volume
max. speed
acceleration 0-100 km/h
petrol 95
fuel consumption
fuel tank volume
estimated value (new)
estimated value (used)