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120 $ per day
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110 $ per day
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1500 $

Description and specifications SUV Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango ( eng )

This car was named after the state of Durango in Mexico, where many westerns were filmed. Externally, the car looks more like a minivan than a jeep. No frame and no prominent road arches. A load-bearing body with the third row of seats is suitable for large families or companies. But the maximum comfort is still for 6 people including the driver. This is an SUV, though more of a family one. Powerful roomy Dodge Durango stands out with an impressive radiator grille and large headlights. The 20r wheels provide 21cm of ground clearance, which is very cool for off-road driving.

As for the engines, the car is equipped with a 3.6L gasoline engine, which produces 290 hp. and 353 Nm of torque. Acceleration to 100 with such motors is 9 seconds, consumption is about 15l / 100km. Two versions are available for rent with 3.6 and 5.7l motors. The 3.6-liter version is equipped with gas, this is for those who like to save money and travel far. The 5.7-liter engine is almost 100 hp more powerful. Which one you prefer is up to you.

Dodge Durango is equipped with a modern multimedia system with a touch screen and navigation, many airbags. ABS system and exchange rate stability, rain and light sensors, climate control with deflectors for all passengers, including the third row of seats, parking sensors, a rearview camera, and everything that should be present in a modern car. The multifunction steering wheel is equipped with control buttons for everything necessary for safe driving. There are gearshift paddles under the steering wheel in tiptronic mode.

If you need a car for rent with the qualities of an SUV, but with the comfort of a car, then the Dodge Durango is an ideal option. Rent an American car and experience overseas style. A large roomy car will leave you a lot of impressions. If you are planning a long trip or long-term rental of Dodge Durango, then we will give you a discount, depending on the terms of car rental. Call and order a Dodge Durango rental in Kyiv. Impressive SUV rental at a reasonable price. If necessary, we will bring it to the address.

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