SUV Mercedes G500AMG 2021

Rent SUV Mercedes G500AMG 2021

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550 $ per day
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450 $ per day
7000 $

Description and specifications SUV Mercedes G500AMG 2021

New Mercedes G500 2021

Renting new Gelendvagen in Ukraine helps to solve any tasks - be it a transfer and/or meeting important guests at the airport, attending weddings, celebrating birthdays or simply enjoying holidays and traveling around.

Exotic Cars offers the new 2021 Mercedes G500 for rent by the hour, daily or long term. It is important that the vehicle is not just of the latest generation, but a totally new one! Trust you will enjoy a ride on the iconic SUV and the distinctive smell of a fresh new car.

As Henry Ford said, a car can be of any colour, as long as it is black. For G Class, this is especially true – the offer is to rent a traditionally black Gelendvagen with a luxurious brown interior. Renting this amazing new Mercedes SUV is possible both in Kiev and in other cities of Ukraine (Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities in the regions).

The rental price depends on the duration of the rental. A common rule, the longer the rental period for Gelendvagen in Ukraine, the cheaper is the daily price. Individual conditions can also be discussed and agreed upon. We allow renting a Mercedes G-Class with or without a driver. Rest assured, Exotic Cars always offers flexible rental conditions for premium and luxury cars at the best prices.

From the outside, the new Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen is easy to recognize, the differences between the 2021 model in comparison with the older models in the following details - a new generation has:

• Rounded window openings and door corners

• Elliptical LED headlights

• Rounded rear lights

As for the interior, it has undergone more noticeable changes. Thanks to the ingenuity of engineers and the creativity of designers, they achieved almost impossible - retained the off-road fit and at the same time made the interior as elegant and modern as that of the flagship S-Class. Now it's not just a Cube, but a full-fledged SUV with the interior of a car that fit to serve government delegations.

Interior of the G500 2021:

• Brand new dashboard

• More space and compartments for storing small items

• Improved seat ergonomics

• Improved finishing materials

And although outwardly Gelendvagen retained the features of its predecessor, in comparison with earlier models, it is a radically different car - much more comfortable and modern, but still reliable and comfortable on any road.

The new Mercedes G500 has a 4-liter petrol engine with 422 horsepower. Thanks to this motor, the legendary Cube can accelerate to 100 km per hour in less than 6 seconds! The maximum speed is 210 km per hour. The ground clearance is 24 cm. All these characteristics assure safety and comfort on any road of Ukraine while enjoying the juicy roar of the 8-cylinder engine.

The uniqueness and paradox of the new generation Gelendvagen lie in the fact that it is equally good to travel to the Carpathian Mountains, to visit for a weekend to Odesa beaches, or just to have fun riding around Kiev in the evening. Not everyone can afford to buy the legend of the German car industry, but renting a new G-Class daily or renting a G500 for a long time in Kiev is the best solution for all occasions. After all, it is this modification that is optimal in terms of overclocking and consumption. With excellent dynamics, the new G500 in this version consumes 10-15 liters of gasoline per 100 km.

You can rent a Mercedes G-class car from Exotic Cars, having previously contacted us by phone or by simply visiting at our showroom located in Kiev at 22 Ring Road. We can rent a Mercedes Gelenvagen G class 2021 as well as similar cars from the previous generations with or without driver.

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