SUV Mercedes GLS500

Rent SUV Mercedes GLS500

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1 day
450 $ per day
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400 $ per day
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350 $ per day
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320 $ per day
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300 $ per day
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250 $ per day
3000 $

Description and specifications SUV Mercedes GLS500

Rent Cars Mercedes GLS in Kiev

If you want to rent a Mercedes-Benz GLS500AMG 5.0, then you have found what you were looking for! The Mercedes-AMG GLS 500 bears some resemblance to a sports car in how it absorbs kilometers. Instead of nine Merlin AMG engines are powered by a V8 engine that develops 470 horsepower. This giant engine can accelerate the GLS 500 with passengers to 100 km / h in just 5.4 seconds with seven seats.

This car was designed and designed for those who want to feel maximum comfort, to be a formidable contender for sports cars and at the same time accommodate 7 people with luggage. Sounds tempting, right? This car is the perfect bottle for a family man who can get together with his family and go on an unforgettable journey in comfort, or for a businessman who appreciates personal space, and even more loves a large number of it in private transport.

As with the S-Class, the GLS emphasizes comfort and refinement here, although obviously a lot of effort has gone into hiding the GLS's true size and weight. For example, the E-Active Body Control suspension, which debuted on the GLE, keeps the car eerily level around corners (or even tilts it like an S-Class coupe) and scans the road ahead so it can prepare for impending impacts. It can even effectively get the car out of a dangerous off-road position and allows you to individually control the vehicle's ride height at every corner using sliders.

The GLS is a 7-seater SUV, but unlike some cars with so many seats, the rearmost ones are large enough and positioned to accommodate adults. Accessing them is not easy, but once you get into the third row, adults will be quite comfortable. The second row of seats is where most of the passengers will end up, and we found that we enjoy driving more than actually driving the GLS. The car has a modern multimedia system, pleasant lighting with a choice of colors and an excellent audio system that can satisfy the needs of audiophiles.

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body type
engine volume
max. speed
acceleration 0-100 km/h
petrol 95
fuel consumption
fuel tank volume