SUV Ford F-150

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Rental period
1 day
165 $ per day
2-3 days
150 $ per day
4-10 days
120 $ per day
11-20 days
110 $ per day
21-30 days
90 $ per day
30+ days
80 $ per day
1500 $

Description and specifications SUV Ford F-150

Ford F-150 ( eng )

The most popular car in the USA. In America, this car is driven by farmers, housewives and students. He has been a sales leader for many years. Now we have a thirteenth generation Ford f150 available for rent. An all-wheel-drive pickup truck with a super-rigid frame and full-size cab. Due to its size and dimensions, it is always recognizable on the road. The car has a large radiator grille and LED elements in the headlights. The size of the body is 5413x2029x1953, the ground clearance, depending on the size of the wheels, can be from 208 to 224 mm. The body has a tailgate.

Our Ford V6 3.5-liter twin-turbo 375 hp engine. and a torque of 745 Nm. The same engine is installed in the Raptor version but with different firmware. The engine is very playful, with a 10-speed automatic it gives the feeling as if you are accelerating not in a pickup truck, but in a passenger car. At the same time, there is a start-stop system, which allows you to significantly save money in city driving. The average consumption of about 12 liters per 100 km of run.

Ford F150 is equipped with everything you need that should be in a modern car, without claims of elitism. The multi-wheel allows you to control the multimedia system. Cruise control will help on long journeys, a rearview camera with a large monitor will help you park this impressive car. There are electrically adjustable not only seats but also gas and brake pedals. There is also a traction control system TCS, ABS, EBD, ESP.

The cabin is comfortable for people of any height, both front, and rear. You can seat 5 people, load a lot of things into the back and give up to the sea. Equipped with dual-zone climate control.

If you want to surprise yourself and others, rent an F150. Very maneuverable and lightweight on the go, the sharp steering wheel and all-wheel drive will allow you to drive on any off-road. If you are going to the forest, hunting - fishing, then it is better not to find a car. When renting a Ford F150 in Kyiv for a long time - discounts apply. Many of our clients have fallen in love with this car. In spite of its dimensions, all clients noted its quick addiction and ease of management.

Call and order the legendary Ford F150 pickup truck for hire in Kyiv and across Ukraine.

body type
engine volume
max. speed
acceleration 0-100 km/h
Petrol 95 UPG
fuel consumption
fuel tank volume
estimated value (new)
estimated value (used)