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Friends, we ask you to leave us your feedback, write recommendations, describe your emotions from driving cars, upload and share your photos in this section. We will reread them all, work on mistakes, make corrections to our work, in general, help us create the perfect rental service for sports and exotic cars and we will repay you with our impeccable service.

We are just learning and please respond appropriately to our mistakes. We are ready listen to criticism about our company and try to take note of it, so that in further improve our service. Convertible car rental in Kiev is a very popular service, but there is certain conditions that are described in another section. As long as we have age restrictions, but this does not mean that our clients can ride convertibles aged from 23 years old. We have a test drive service where you can ride a sports car with an instructor or another car.

In the course of our work, practice has shown that basically we are approached by adequate customers, but there are times when the car was taken from customers, added to the black list and no longer they gave out cars, there were clients who were simply refused. Here are some examples: - a client asks to rent a Chevrolet Corvette and asks: “can I drive around the city 200 km/h, outside the city 300 km/h? " and that he wants to drive his son - his child - 300 km/h. is he received a refusal to issue a car. First, there are certain traffic rules, we allow certain speed violations, but we ask customers to adhere to traffic rules, and we consider it absurd and abnormal to drive your child in a car for 300 km per hour event. We don't mind 300 km per hour, but the Corvette has the highest death rate in the United States. AT communication above described, the client was refused. Secondly, we care about the lives of our clients. We want to be friends with them, communicate and work constantly. And we want our clients lived Long and Happily!

- the second example - they took a car from a client in Odessa for non-payment. 15 days he promised pay tomorrow before the bond runs out. But when we arrived for the car, I immediately found money for extension. On principle, they returned the car to the park and subsequently refused to issue the car.

- Someone was denied due to age and lack of driving experience. There are some the reasons for this: firstly: we have fairly fast cars. You need to have a certain car driving experience. Therefore, an age limit was established. Understand correctly, we do not I would like to repeat that our clients would end up in various unpleasant stories in connection with lack of driving experience, and since all our cars are fast enough, there are a certain risk in this. And secondly: our insurance company covers damage if for a person over 23 years of age and over 3 years of driving experience.

In general, write us not only positive reviews. We are ready for criticism. Write, what sports cars would you like to see in our rental. Treat with care cars and we will try to do our best to make you happy with us work and make friends.