Sports cars, convertibles for rent in Kiev

Convertibles for rent


Rent a convertible in Kiev from the Exotic Cars . We have the largest fleet of cabriolets in Kiev that can be rented. All the convertibles presented on our website can be rented with or without a driver. Our convertibles are in excellent technical condition, and we also offer comprehensive insurance, such as civil liability insurance and car damage insurance. If you are dreaming of the ride in a convertible, then be sure to try one of our beautiful cars. Renting a convertible in Kiev has become a very common and affordable service. Write or call us and we will definitely help you choose the best convertible to enjoy your ride.

Sports cars

Rent of sports cars in Kiev. We consider sports cars those with a coupe or targo body. The number of seats is normally 2 + 2, less often 2 seats. Just be reminded that a sports car is not a racing car, but it is intended for driving on public roads. Yes, it has a number of advantages over conventional cars: a low seating position gives the car more sporty qualities, a powerful engine gives excellent dynamics, a stiff suspension provides good handling ... but remember that no one has cancelled the traffic rules. Renting a sports car in Kiev is very simple. If you are 23 and have more than 3 years of driving experience, feel free to send us an application and we will provide you an excellent sports car that matches your wishes.

Sports cars, convertibles for rent in Kiev and all over Ukraine. Short-term or long-term car rental at a bargain price.